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G. Geoffrey Bray

geoff bray architect designer east coast

A Connecticut native, Bray has left his mark throughout the state for the better part of forty years. A graduate of the University of Notre Dame School of Architecture, he first gained industry acclaim with his design for the then budding ESPN Network's headquarters in Bristol. He has since spread his influence up and down the Atlantic Coast from South Carolina to Maine.

He's also the proud grandpa of three.

"Form doesn’t follow function. Great design allows both form and function an equal footing. Great design is not about preconceived notions or style. It is the understanding of the client’s needs, prioritizing them, and working within the framework of the situation – cost, location, history, and surrounding environment to create a timeless solution that meets the particular challenges of use for decades to come. And, of course, to look good doing it. Private residences in particular are very personal projects to me as the architect and client must become one in order to successfully create a house from which the client can then make a home.

In my humble opinion, architecture is the greatest of all the arts. It is the only one that creates an environment in which others can flourish. An environment that not only makes an artful statement, but also acts as a vessel or a structure in which life's memories and experiences are filled… it is the art of life."

​Geoff & Rory Bray

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