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Altman Residence

At nearly double it's original size, the renovation had to make sure that the space didn't reveal any growing pains both with the plot of land it and the interiors where the eye is even more critical.

Set on nearly two acres, we wanted to embrace the sloping terrain, rock outcroppings, stone walls, and mature trees. Fighting the natural landscape upsets everything visually and makes something with history look and feel new and void of character. Often times the best design borrows from what is already there.

Inside, the kitchen was the client's main focal point and thus was drawn with one idea in mind - that it be the social hub of the house. Albeit completely new, no eye would be able to point out where the old and new ended and began.  The result is a renovation that blurs the distinctions between original and new. Clearly proving that an end product is always more than just a sum of it's parts.  

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