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Goss Residence

This project was unusual in that the house was mid 1980’s up-market builder’s house in a development neighborhood of a dozen homes. Although only about 20 years old, the clients decided that if they were to stay in the house, they should correct some design issues.

Typical of so many spec houses, we needed to create better identity to the front door. So, the front entry was emphasized with an enlarged terrace & new plantings, while the side entry was hidden.

Better definition was needed to have the kitchen and family room develop their own separate yet related identities and better match the scale of the rest of the house. This allowed better utilization with furniture layouts, reduced the scale while still allowing a visual connection between the spaces. The room allowed a perfect view of the backyard & woods beyond. With a pair of French doors to the new outdoor terrace with it’s pergola framing above to shield it from the direct sun and to be a continuation of the family room’s coffered ceiling, we blurred the distinction of interior and exterior space.

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